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      Carpet Cleaners Barkingside did a splendid job and all their cleaners are very pleasant to work with.
April T. 28/10/2016
     I'm always amazed by the effects which a great clean can have. Before BarkingsideCarpetCleaners came to my home, I was expecting the kind of quick tidy up and hoover which saved me the effort but still left everything much the same. I was totally wrong. These guys have been on a mission, getting everything far cleaner than I might ever have imagined. Even before I moved in, I don't think it was this clean. Really impressive work, they seem to really know what they're doing.
Daniel U.07/01/2015
     I have just had a brilliant cleaning service in my office that I want to tell everyone. I was fed up of seeing the dust and dirt on the floors. So a colleague suggested I use BarkingsideCarpetCleaners to sort the job out. I was so glad I decided to hire a professional company. The cleaning service is done to a high standard and the cleaning costs are reasonable. In business you need to make a good impression and having a clean and tidy office is a benefit.
T. Elliott24/11/2014
     When I moved into my last apartment I didn't really do a lot of cleaning and then when I have notice to leave I struggled to clean the oven and the shower tiles. I also had a strange stain on the tiled floor of the bathroom because of a rusty toilet toll holder. However I called BarkingsideCarpetCleaners for an end of tenancy cleaning service and they sorted it all out in a day. Their cleaners had a lot of cleaning products they were able to use to get the stain out of the tiles and they made the oven so fresh and clean it was practically brand new. If you're stuck for a good cleaner this is the company you need.
Sharon R.05/11/2014
     This company worked really well with the other people I hired to clear out my last block of flats. I work mostly with student accommodation and the mess these lot leave can be horrendous. This company however, and the three cleaners they sent over didn't blink an eye-lid. From top to bottom (I get stuck in too) they just carried out with the work and did a great job! If anything, it was an eye opener! Great crew, great work. When it comes to accommodation cleans of any type now I'll be calling on BarkingsideCarpetCleaners, and I highly recommend them to anyone else considering hiring cleaning professionals of any type!
     I'm not as sprightly as I used to be, so cleaning the trickier to reach areas of my home has started to become a struggle. The problem's not just with reaching them either, the dust plays havoc with my asthma, and that's a major issue. My grand-daughter used to help me a lot, but she's far too busy these days. Thankfully, I hired BarkingsideCarpetCleaners, and I got all of the help I need. Their cleaners are considerate and always do a fine job. They definitely make my life simpler, and they're easy on the wallet too. Honestly, I don't know what I would do without them!
Will Lowe21/08/2014
     I am really pleased with how well BarkingsideCarpetCleaners got rid of the stains on my sofa. Our nine year old took a marker to it, and I was pretty convinced that the game was up in terms of the sofa ever looking its best again. However, with the upholstery cleaning service form BarkingsideCarpetCleaners, the thing looked great in no time! The quote was nice and low, and the overall effect was excellent. I could not be more chuffed with the results, and would recommend them to anyone in a similar predicament.
Todd G.31/07/2014
     Far too often I've had spillages on my carpets at home and no method I have tried to get rid of stains has ever worked. In fact I think some of the products you buy off the shelves can make a stain worse. The best thing I've ever done was to call in BarkingsideCarpetCleaners who managed to get the most stubborn stains out of my carpet and it was completely spotless by the time they had finished! Their carpet cleaners use a deep heat cleaner of sorts and it really works well - I'm very happy with the results!
Anthony C.30/06/2014
     I have always found cleaning my home difficult. I could never really focus on the job, which meant things were never done fully or properly. Not wanting to live in squalor, I decided to all BarkingsideCarpetCleaners for help. Their cleaners were with me in no time and they were able to do every chore for me. They washed, they wiped, they dusted and polished, vacuumed and more. I now hire them every few months so that the mess never becomes too much. My house looks great and I don't have to do a thing. Thanks guys!
Cynthia Almond20/06/2014
     Our house is always at the mercy of the kids, the dogs, and the cat: anything which likes to walk through mud and walk it into the house. When we were making an effort to get everything as clean as possible, we finally decided to turn to some professional help. What was originally meant to be a one off has turned into a regular solution and we are so happy with the great service which we have been getting from BarkingsideCarpetCleaners. The carpets have never been cleaner and the home has never looked better. A huge help to us.
Terry Perry04/06/2014
     My office cleaners are the best cleaners in the world! This is a great team and a very reliable and professional commercial cleaning company. The staff from BarkingsideCarpetCleaners are a real highlight of my day when they arrive for work and we always have a lovely chat. That aside the work that they do is phenomenal and much better than a number of other office cleaning companies that I have employed in the past. I cannot recommend them highly enough as they are a real safe pair of hands if you're looking for new cleaning services. Very flexible and fit their time around my working day which is great.
Richard M.08/04/2014
     I was searching for ages trying to figure out who the best cleaning company out there was. I needed to find one who could work around my schedule and make sure that my home was cleaned when and how I needed it. And cheap too, because price matters. After going through quite a few options, I have finally settled on BarkingsideCarpetCleaners as being able to provide me with the services I need. So I wanted to come on here and say a big thanks to the guys for everything they've done to make my home that much cleaner.
Johnny 19/03/2014
     Finding reliable and quality cleaners to keep your office in a pleasant state is more difficult than most realise. But poor office cleanliness can be such a distraction to staff that it is important to get right. Which is why finding a contractor like BarkingsideCarpetCleaners has been a real help. They have been cleaning our offices for around a year now, and it has honestly been the first year since we started the business 15 years ago that we don't have any complaints. These guys work hard and incredibly discreetly, acting on any feedback we might have. Top service.

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